Monday, February 22, 2016

5: Monday.

Today is the day.

Today is the day I answer Would You Rather questions... So, I don't have much more to type to preface this, so I guess we should just get on with it.

Would you rather be a dragon, or have a dragon?

Well, being, I can only assume, magically changed into a dragon would be a massive physical and mental change. I don't know how well I could dragon, but besides the point, having a dragon would be amazing. I mean, come on. I would prefer a smaller dragon, like dog sized, but... Dragons.

Would you rather be able to become invisible, or be able to fly?

Though I do feel that flying as a good case, I'm going say being able to become invisible would help me more in my everyday life. I see someone I don't like, invisible. Called on to do chores, invisible. Don't want to talk to someone and answer stupid questions, invisible.

Would you rather be able to speak fluently every language in the world or be the best in the world at something of your choosing?

I would rather be able to speak any language fluently. Even if your the best at what you want to do, you're still stuck behind language barriers. I feel that if you can speak any language you have more freedom to do want you please, instead of the world seeing you for being the best at a single action.

Would you rather have a giant hamster or a tiny rhino?

Man, I could think of this a bunch of ways. If I had a giant hamster would it have a longer life span? Like, say if the hamster was 5% bigger than a normal hamster, would it have a 5% longer life? With the tiny rhino I could make way for a new species of rhino, helping keeping them from extinction, but at the same time I would be criticized for having a tiny rhino for a pet. I guess I would go for the giant hamster.

So, there you go. Would you Rather questions answered.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

4: Wednesday.

I said last week that I was going to tell you why Valentines day is the best day for singles. I lied. I'm not going to do that. Mainly because I could only think of one reason, cheap candy everywhere. I'm more than sure that there are more reasons, but I don't know them.

Monday, February 8, 2016

3: Monday.

I'm gonna write a short story. I don't know how much story, or how short it will be, but here you go anyway, enjoy;

George: Elf with a mission.

Once upon a time, in a land I made in my head, there lived a elf named George. I haven't much about what George looked like, but I assume he had a big, pointy red hat and maybe some blue overalls. I know that he had big eyes, like really big. He had his pointy nose that turned up a little at the end, giving him a stuck-up look. He really just looked like any other elf you'd think of. 

But like any good main protagonist, George was different from the other elves. George had a mission. A mission to become THE TALLEST ELF IN THE KINGDOM.

Keep in mind, elves in genral stay under two feet tall. They look more like gnomes to be honest.  Bah, bah, bah, this is my story. I can do whatever I want and I will do whatever I want. Don't test me, reader.

George lived in a small, stick house. It looked like a three year-old had made it, but it's the best you can do when your only ten inches tall. He had turn his little home into his HQ. He lived behind the dying tree, in the garden, behind the yellow house that belonged to the old, Indian lady who lived in the last house on the block.

Poor yellow house lady, no one ever came to get candy from her on halloween because she lived too far away. 

Every day, for about a week, George would climb up to the bird house on the dead tree, hang weights on his legs and hang from his arms. Poor George, all that did for him was give him sore arms and DETERMINATION TO COMPLETE HIS LIFE'S MISSION! But other than at, he was at the same height he started. 

So, George decided to do something no elf should ever do. He went to ask the old, Indian lady if she had any ideas about how to make him taller. The lady, who we'll call Nana for this story, didn't know how to act around an elf. See, George was the first elf to talk to a human in 641 years. Just kinding, I don't know when the last elf talked to a human. I just pressed random numbers and decided that 64187 was to long of a number to use.

Nana gave him a tiny cup of black coffee and the corner of cornbread. They sat down and talked for awhile. Three hours later, three things had happened. 1: George still didn't have an idea how to get taller, 2: George decovered gossip and fell in love with it and 3: Nana got an idea.

George, hopped up on coffee and sadness in his heart, went to the elf king's palace. The king wasn't really a elf though, he was a gnome. Gnomes are taller, meaner and pointier eared than elfs. They tend to have grudges against their, smaller, longer nosed brethren. No one really knows why.

The king was sleeping when George sulked into the lobby. Luckily and for the convenientence of the plot, all the guards were in the south side of the palace having a disco off. The only person in the lobby was the elf wizard, who hated disco.

The elf wizard was old and grey.  He wore a robe the color of white and black mixed together and his hat was a bright purple with small white jewls sewed on. His white hair stuck out from under his hat. He looked like one of those trolls with the bright, bright hair. His name was Rick.

Rick and George chatted. Rick felt sorry for George and told George that he might have a spell to make him taller. So the two went into the magic wing and Rick gave George the list of things needed to cast the spell. George needed a tiny cup with three drops of black coffee in it and nine crumbs of corn bread. George knew were to get them, which made him feel all clever and mysterious.

George ran as quick as his tinie, tiny legs would carry him to Nana's house. He knocked and knocked and Nana opened the door. He explained to her quickly that he needed the things she gave him earlier. Nana, confushed, did as she was told then went into a backroom.

George rushed to get the three drops of black coffee and nine corn bread crumbs. After he gathered the things he performed the spell. Nothing happened. George just smelled like coffee and corn bread. He was still the same height and he STILL HADN'T COMPLETED HIS LIFE'S GOAL! So, poor George thudded on the ground and looked something like dough that had been dyed blue and red and body rolls. 

Nana came out and tapped his shoulder. George looked at her. She held up two wooden, leg looking things. George stood up. If these were what he thought they were...

Time lasps later, George was standing quite proudly in his new legs. He made him eight inches taller than he was before. So instead of being 10 inches, he was one foot, six inches tall. He was still shorter than the tallest elf in the kingdom at that time by two inches, but I'm not going to ruin George's moment. He earned it.

Moral of the story? Don't let me write when I'm tired.

Thursday, February 4, 2016

2: Thursday.

You know what's fun? Netflix binge watching, taking a shower, coloring even. You know what's not fun? Being sick for four days. I know that someone out there has it worse, but I',m going to complain away.

I got a headache after band last Friday. I didn't think much of it. Band that day was particularly loud and I just assumed that it was a little headache that would be gone in two hours or so. So I went on with my day. Food shopping, finishing school, normal stuff.

 Did I mention I'm home schooled? No, I didn't think I did, but, hey! Here's one of those little things I said you would pick up on. So gg to you for reading shape that don't need to be in order when you're singing them. Sorry, I've got a chip on my shoulder for that. 

Anyway, info about me behind us, (or above us?),  lets continue reading through my day.

I took a nap as a last hope before taking a pain killer. By the way, isn't pain killer an awesome idea? Just like a bunch of brightly colored, comic style dots labeled Pain Killers, armed with ak-47s killing just as brightly colored, comic style dots labeled Pain running away in fear. Someone, anyone please draw this. Back to the nap. 

It wasn't really a nap, more just me in bed with nothing, but my head and hand holding my phone being seen. I think naps were vetoed from my DNA. I stayed like that for two hours or so then I got up and took a fore-mentioned pain killer. Which didn't help anything, but my annoyance grow.

The next day I woke up with fever. I spent that day and the next two sleeping. As of now I'm pretty fever free. Though my sinuses are still ugh. I never knew how much stuff my sinuses could mess up.

Is there a moral to the story? No, I just wanted to share my thoughts about the annoyance of the ABC's and how cool a pain killer comic would be. It wasn't even about me being sick, I just didn't have anything else to talk about since I was sick. Join me next week to read about why Valentines day is one of the best holiday for singles.