Monday, April 25, 2016

16: Monday.

I honestly don't remember if I told you this, but I'm allergic to peanuts. I know I'm not really that different, over three million people have a peanut allergy, but I'm the only one in my family that has a peanut allergy. I'm a middle child, so of course I must be different and my body does a good job of doing that, but naturally, there are thing I don't like very much about it. So, I decided that I was going to complain.

Here are five thing I don't like about having a peanut allergy.

1: Almond butter.

A normal jar of peanut butter around where I live, cost five or six dollars. A jar of almond butter? Nine bucks, or more. I can get a giant jar of Nutella for less than that. And as a plus, my two brothers just love the taste of almond butter, so if I don't hide it, it only last for a couple of days at best. Needless to say, I haven't had almond butter in a while.

2: Peanut butter smell.

If you don't have a peanut allergy, then I don't think you can relate, but I hate the smell of peanut butter. I don't know if it's because I've been conditioned to stay away from it, or if I just genuinely hate the smell of it. It smells like wet tar and fish. I've never smelled wet tar, but it can't smell that different from what I imagine. 

3: Washing the dishes.

If peanut butter smells bad normally, peanut butter under hot, running water smells worse. My brothers leave a ton on the spoons and knives they use and don't bother to lick it off. If peanut butter taste so good, why not lick it off? Not only that, but I'm really the only one in my house, besides my mom, that does the dishes. So, I wash a ton of peanut butter dishes.

4: Forgetting.

I've been allergic to peanuts for as long as I can remember, so it's become habit to stay away from peanuts. It's become so much of a habit, I sometimes forget that I'm allergic to peanuts. Like, during the day, I don't think about my allergy. I only think about it when I'm confronted with the chance of ingesting peanuts. I don't think it's that strange, but I still don't like the fact that one day, I may forget that I'm allergic and eat peanuts willingly. It's a weird fear.

5: Candy.

There are only like, two candy bars that aren't pure chocolate that don't have peanuts in them. I can't have gummy worms and jellybeans forever. If someone could make a really, really good, peanut-free candy bar that aren't Twix, or Three Musketeer, that would be great.

There you go. If you don't have a peanut allergy, I hope I've given you a little insight into having one. If you do, hopefully you can relate to some of these. 

Have a nice day.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

15: Wednesday.

Okay, there's something I'm pretty sure has happened to everyone at least once. I like to call it "Sims Syndrome". Have you ever had of The Sims? 

If not, it a game were you create a person and control it's life, from birth to death. You can decide what they like, who they like, what they wear, what they eat, what job they have, how good they are at that job, how long they life, what type of person they are, who they marry, how many kids they have and many, many, many more thing. Sometimes, I feel like I am a Sim, because of Sims Syndrome and as far as I'm aware, it can happen in two ways. 

One, in The Sims, you can give your Sim tasks to complete. Whether it's cleaning the house, or playing a flash game on your level one desktop. Sometimes your Sim will decide to do something you rather it not, like flirt with a complete stranger that you don't like very much, so you cancel that task by clicking an "X" over it's task bubble.

Tell me if any of these sound like something you've done:

Stood up and walked around for no reason.
Stop in the middle of making food.
Stop in the middle of doing chores.
Checked the fridge many times a day, without getting anything, or adding new food.
Started talking to someone, then stopped in the middle of a sentence and left. 
Wanting to talk to someone and suddenly not wanting to talk to them.
Turning something on, but not using it.

I call this type of Sims Syndrome, "Sims Syndrome: Canceled." This type usually last for hours, but it can last many days. It usually happens when you have nothing going on for a long time. Like a introverted homeschooler in the summer. The best cure to this is to find something and complete it. It's hard, but it will usually get rid of Sims Syndrome: Canceled. At least until next summer.

The second type is what happens when you don't cancel any task. It's called "Sims Syndrome: List". I told you about tasks you can give your sim and I told you that you can cancel them, but I didn't tell you that you can only have so many tasks on your sim's list of things to do.

Tell me if any of these things sound like something you've done:

Wanted to get a drink.
Wanted to finish work.
Wanted to clean the house.
Wanted to make food.
Wanted to call a friend.
Wanted to read a book.
Wanted to change the world.
Wanted to sleep.
Wanted to stay in sweatpants.
Wanted to dress fancy.
Wanted to dance.
Wanted to color.
Wanted to draw.
Wanted to learn how to draw.
Wanted to teach over people how to draw.
Wanted to stay up all night.
Wanted to get twelve hours of sleep.
Wanted to get a pet.
Wanted to name that pet Mr.Fizzles Fuzzle Fluffy Pants.
Wanted to change Mr.Fizzles Fuzzle Fluffy Pant's name to Spot.

And you wanted to do all this at the same time.

It's overwhelming and pulls you in so many different directions nothing really gets done, or gets done as well as you wanted it to. It can be soul crushing and it last until you sort your life out. The best thing to do is to make a list of those things and not have a time limit on that list. If you do, it's just going to be Sims Syndrome: List. Put the more time sensitive things in the front of the list. Changing the world can wait until you've gotten your life figured out.

I usually only get Sims Syndrome: Canceled. Tell me what you get more often.

Have a nice day.

Monday, April 18, 2016

14: Monday.

I've been taking a lot of personality quizzes and one thing most have in common, is that the Harry Potter Houses fall into four different slots. I hate when I see answer that are just evil and if you click them you get Slytherin. I hate stereotypes in general, but Harry Potter stereotypes hurt me. So, I made a quiz to sort you into your house. I tried to avoid stereotypes. The rules: No loopholes, answer honestly and keep track of the letters you get.

Question one: Which smell makes you happy?

A: A new car.
B: Chlorine.
C: An old book. 
D: Leather seats.

Question two: You see a hurt Hippogriff. It has a deep cut on it's leg and you're to far from Hogwarts to call for help. You...

A: Bow, like you were taught to.
B: Talk to it in a calm voice, so it doesn't bite you.
C: Look for something to clean and bandage the cut. 
D: Hit it over the head with a stick to knock it out and fix the wound the best you can.

Question three: Out of these candies, which do you like best?

A: Sour gummy worms. 
B: Jellybeans. 
C: Chocolate covered cherries.
D: Twizzlers.

Question four: You're on your way to class, but you see a first year being picked on. You might, or want to stop, but you'll be late to class if you do. You...

A: Shout at the bullies, but don't stop. You can't be late again.
B: Stop, save and stay after to make sure the first year is okay. Classes can wait.
C: Go to class anyway, but tell the teacher as you enter.
D: Stop and shout at the bullies, then you and the first year rush to your classes.

Question five: How do you like to learn things?

A: Through the classes and teachers. 
B: With other people. They help you remember what you wouldn't normally.
C: Through books and papers and flash cards.
D: Hands on and hands on is the only thing that really works for you.

Question six: One of your friends gets busted cheating. You want to help, but you already have two strikes, another and you'll get detention.You...

A: Let them take them blame. It was their own fault.
B: Tell the teacher you forced them to, but tell your friend later that it was wrong to do.
C: Let them take the blame, but promise to help study for the next test.
D: Do something bigger than the cheating to distract the teacher.

Question seven: What pet do you bring to Hogwarts?

A: A toad. You like them, but people think that's weird.
B: A weasel. They're just to cute.
C: A cat. Simple, fluffy and quiet.
D: An owl. Owls are cool and useful. 

Question eight: Your Bf/Gf is from another house and people don't like you guys together. You get stares and hear mumbles in the halls. You...

A: Ignore them. They don't dictate your life.
B: Get overwhelmed and talk about it with your Bf/Gf.
C: Correct them and tell them you can date anyone you want.
D: Kiss your Bf/Gf and make a big scene about it, so everyone knows you don't care.

Question nine: What do you smuggle into Hogwarts?

A: Pens.
B: A solar-powered dancing flower.
C: YA books.
D: Snow globes that aren't magical.

Question ten: Your younger sibling is getting sorted into their house. You are sitting at your table, waiting to hear which house they'll be put in. You...

A: Know that they're going to be in the same house as you. They are your sibling. 
B: Hope that they get into a house that they'll fit into well.
C: Hope that they don't get the same house as you. They always smell bad.
D: You want them to be in the same house as you, but you understand if they're not.


Mostly A's: You're Slytherin! You guys get a bad rap, but you're great people. You're willing to do anything to reach your goals and you tend to be misunderstood, which sucks, but your house-mates help you through it.

Mostly B's: You're a Hufflepuff! People think that your boring, but the truth is you care about people, no matter who they are. The are the only house that doesn't really judge the Slytherins. You are a good finder and a loyal person. 

Mostly C's: You're a Ravenclaw! You like facts and hate people who think they know the real facts when they don't. Everyone thinks your a bookworm and they're right, but there is more to you than that. You seem like a loner, but you just pick your friends carefully.

Mostly D's: You're a Gryffindor! You like to be a hero and even though you can bite off more than you can chew, you always fine a way to make it work. You solve problems with the things around you, even if it seems strange to other people. You are brave and caring.

I'm a Hufflepuff, so don't feel bad if you get that. 

Have a nice day.

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

13: Wednesday.

So, out on the internet there's this thing called a random name generator. Today, I thought that I would have it generate names and put personalities to them. You know, just for fun. The goal is to hopefully make some interesting people. So, in the words of Mario "Jumpman" Mario, "Here I go!"

1: Wilky Mahalath Leon.
Wilky is that one friend no one knows much about. He talks in a way that you really have to try to understand, like Keven and the Winchesters the first time the meet. He either wears all black, or eye-hurting colors. He always talks about his family and how his older brother is in France and his youngest sister is a pianist. He's not all brag though. The couple of people who have really gotten to know him, knows that he's a cool guy. Someone who likes movie nights and bake sales.

2: Zorra Sandie Clifton.
Zorra is the girl who wears black. Her hair seems to change color at least five times a year and she likes to wave her fist in people's faces. She does it because at home, her dad is riding her on getting into M.I.T, or Harvard. And the faces her fist are in? Bullies doing their thing to the babies of the school. Her dad doesn't know that she likes to swing in the park at night with her friends. She's a wolf-like, loyal friend.

3: Theodor Mariano Church.

Theodor is going to M.I.T. He's a hard worker and an a quick learner. Theo is always learning, whether it's a new math problem, or a new si-fi series. He crushes in Trivial Pursuit and Monopoly. He has a group of friends, but he only calls a couple his friends friends.

4: Felix Jez Roberts.
All I can think of when I think Felix, is Pewdiepie.

That's it.

Have a nice day.

Monday, April 11, 2016

12: Monday.

Happy Monday, I hope it's treating you well.

And like Monday, I'm going to tell you some useless facts to help you get through your day, because maybe, just maybe, you can help someone through their Monday because one of these facts made them laugh, or cringe. That doesn't make any sense, but neither does Monday. So, anyway,

1: the average number of dimples on a golf ball is 336.

2: all polar bears are left handed.

3: Earth is the only plant not named after a god.

4: if Bill Gates dropped a 100$ bill, it would literally not be worth his time to pick it up.

5: talking to yourself makes you smarter.

6: you can zap a pickle and make it glow in the dark.

And finally,

7: a group of pugs is called a grumple. A freaking grumple.

I don't think I can find a fact to top the powers of the grumple, so I'm just going to leave it like that. Remember, Monday only last 16 hours if you get eight hours of sleep, 14 if you take a two hour nap. So, you do that and don't let Monday bring you down.

Have a nice day.

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

11: Wednesday.

Let's talk about spoilers.

Ah, Ah, don't click away. Don't worry, there won't be any spoilers in this blog and trust me, if I ever make a movie review, or something that will involve spoilers, you will know.

Anyway, we all know the rule. NO SPOILERS. I know some people hate them (cough, cough, Dan Howell, cough, cough), but I don't really care about spoilers.

I don't know if that makes me a laid back person, or someone who doesn't like shows and books and movies as much as other people, because I probably enjoy them more than most. I am a fangirl to many fandoms. I get spoilers can be annoying, especially if you hear a spoiler about your favorite *blank* and you haven't read, or watched it yet.

It's gotten to point, were I ask people if they're okay with spoilers. Which nowadays, is really polite and something you should always do before talking about something. I've been, um, exposed? Exposed to so many spoilers that I've decided that I didn't need to go see a movie, because I already knew what was going to happen. Of course, if it's a movie I was really looking forward to, I'll stay away from anything that points in the direction of spoilers.

Like, I know nothing about Deadpool, Batman v Superman, Inside out, Ant Man, Mocking Jay, Part 2 and Big Hero 6. Yes, those are all movies I haven't seen, but want too. So, no spoilers.

I guess what I'm trying to say, quite poorly, is that, if you hear a spoiler, it is okay to glare, but don't tell spoilers yourself. If everyone started doing this, there would be no spoilers.

But, in the loving words of River Song, Spoilers.

(You read that in her voice, didn't you?)

Have a good day.

Monday, April 4, 2016

10: Monday.

So, you probably didn't know, but I was visiting my Grandmother and Grandfather over the last two weeks. You get to take time off when you want when your homeschooled, but don't think that I don't have to do school. In fact, this blog is part of my school. It's my writing.  And that's not all. I'm all set up to get done with school in the first, or second week of May. It really depends on my math and if I can cram it all into my brain. 

Enough of my homeschooling and more of my vacation.

The same day that I had to drive for three and a half hours to get to the island my grandparents live on, I had to get on a bus and travel four hour to get to a jazz band competition and stay there until noon. We played at eight and afterwards, there wasn't much to do. After we played, I spent most of my time talking with two other girls. One plays the flute, the other plays the sax and I play the clarinet. I figured out what Harry Potter house they belonged too. I'm a Hufflelyn, (Hufflepuff and Slytherin), the sax player was a Ravenclaw and the flute player was a Hufflepuff. 

Once the award ceremony was over, (we didn't win) we had to get back on the bus and drive for another four hours, but this time it was more like five since we stopped for food. By this time, I was really tired and wasn't feeling very well, so like any teenager would have, instead of sleeping for the hour I could have, I spent it finishing my packing, because I had put it off. 

At five, or so, me, my mom, stepdad and younger brother went to his (younger brother's), Boy Scout cross-over. I was going to sleep in the back of the car, but since I was promised free food, I went inside. I may have been falling asleep in my seat and wishing I had pain killers to get rid of my pounding headache, but I did get my free food in the end.

After that, we spent ruffly, forty-five minutes driving to another place, so a friend could finish driving me and my younger brother to the island. If that friend's daughter, who is a great friend of mine, wasn't there, I would fallen asleep. It took four hours, but in end, I collapsed into a bed and slept till almost ten the morning. I know that may seem early people, but I normally get up before six, so...

The rest two weeks, I spent doing the same thing I would have at home if it was a two week break, not much. I accomplished nothing those two weeks and I get it. You're not supposed to be productive on vacation, but I don't like not being productive. 

Well, you're all caught up, so I guess my job is done.

Have a good day.