Wednesday, April 20, 2016

15: Wednesday.

Okay, there's something I'm pretty sure has happened to everyone at least once. I like to call it "Sims Syndrome". Have you ever had of The Sims? 

If not, it a game were you create a person and control it's life, from birth to death. You can decide what they like, who they like, what they wear, what they eat, what job they have, how good they are at that job, how long they life, what type of person they are, who they marry, how many kids they have and many, many, many more thing. Sometimes, I feel like I am a Sim, because of Sims Syndrome and as far as I'm aware, it can happen in two ways. 

One, in The Sims, you can give your Sim tasks to complete. Whether it's cleaning the house, or playing a flash game on your level one desktop. Sometimes your Sim will decide to do something you rather it not, like flirt with a complete stranger that you don't like very much, so you cancel that task by clicking an "X" over it's task bubble.

Tell me if any of these sound like something you've done:

Stood up and walked around for no reason.
Stop in the middle of making food.
Stop in the middle of doing chores.
Checked the fridge many times a day, without getting anything, or adding new food.
Started talking to someone, then stopped in the middle of a sentence and left. 
Wanting to talk to someone and suddenly not wanting to talk to them.
Turning something on, but not using it.

I call this type of Sims Syndrome, "Sims Syndrome: Canceled." This type usually last for hours, but it can last many days. It usually happens when you have nothing going on for a long time. Like a introverted homeschooler in the summer. The best cure to this is to find something and complete it. It's hard, but it will usually get rid of Sims Syndrome: Canceled. At least until next summer.

The second type is what happens when you don't cancel any task. It's called "Sims Syndrome: List". I told you about tasks you can give your sim and I told you that you can cancel them, but I didn't tell you that you can only have so many tasks on your sim's list of things to do.

Tell me if any of these things sound like something you've done:

Wanted to get a drink.
Wanted to finish work.
Wanted to clean the house.
Wanted to make food.
Wanted to call a friend.
Wanted to read a book.
Wanted to change the world.
Wanted to sleep.
Wanted to stay in sweatpants.
Wanted to dress fancy.
Wanted to dance.
Wanted to color.
Wanted to draw.
Wanted to learn how to draw.
Wanted to teach over people how to draw.
Wanted to stay up all night.
Wanted to get twelve hours of sleep.
Wanted to get a pet.
Wanted to name that pet Mr.Fizzles Fuzzle Fluffy Pants.
Wanted to change Mr.Fizzles Fuzzle Fluffy Pant's name to Spot.

And you wanted to do all this at the same time.

It's overwhelming and pulls you in so many different directions nothing really gets done, or gets done as well as you wanted it to. It can be soul crushing and it last until you sort your life out. The best thing to do is to make a list of those things and not have a time limit on that list. If you do, it's just going to be Sims Syndrome: List. Put the more time sensitive things in the front of the list. Changing the world can wait until you've gotten your life figured out.

I usually only get Sims Syndrome: Canceled. Tell me what you get more often.

Have a nice day.

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  1. Very interesting. I love the Sims game, but don't think I fit either if these syndromes.